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Here we provide several tools that might be useful for medical physicists, residents, and, perhaps, MDs.

BED calculator

This widget converts one fractionation regiment to another using linear-quadratic (LQ) model.
Introduction to converters
Skip the intro, use dose converters:
Get #fx from dose
Get dose from #fx

HDR second calculation

This widget verifies treatment time for HDR afterloaders.
HDR cylinder time verification

Enhance dynamic wedge (EDW) time calculator

This tool provides treatment time for EDW fields for Varian linacs.
EDW time

Search on medical physics and radiation oncology subjects

This tool provides an exclusive search on medical physics and radiation oncology subjects. This is a very precise tool. Sites being indexed are added manually, therefore, in many cases, this search will provide more accurate results with less spam, compared to universal search engines.

ABR therapeutic physics exam preparation guide

Sample questions from the exam
Coming soon...