EDW time calculator

In addition to secondary dose monitor, such as MU2, third dose control is typically required or recommended to be used for delivery of radiation field. Typically, such control should interrupt the treatment if dose exceeds planned by 20%. In Varian linac time serves as third control for dose delivery. However, most treatment planning and record-and-verify systems are not providing correct treatment time for the fields with enhanced dynamic wedges (EDW).

Below you can find the calculator of EDW treatment time for Varian linac. It provides no more than 3% or 0.02 min error for all clinically relevant field parameters.

Get treatment time from field parameters:

Field ID
Field (Y) width, cm
Monitoring units, MU
Wedge angle, deg
Dose rate, MU / min
Treatment time, min
Time to be used in the field (1.2 * treatment time), min

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